Monday, August 18, 2014

Playing with photographs and poetry

As both a photographer and a writer I do a lot of different things. Yes, most of my photography is of the same basic subject, flowers. Be they cultivated or wild weeds, I take photos of them and then post them for people to enjoy over on my photo blog, Window to my mind.

But as a writer most of what I do is a bit different.  Writing short stories, novellas and novels doesn't always blend well with the photos I take, but now my poetry, that is a different story. Over the past few months I have been playing with some of the shorter forms of poetry. Just to see if I can pull them off.  Not sure how good they are but they do work well placed into some of the photographs I have taken.

In today's blog here I thought I would post up the cinquain poems i have written placed over some of my photos...for your viewing pleasure of course.  Hope you like.  Over the next year I plan on doing more before I collect them all into one volume and put them out.

These are what is known as a didactic cinquain. Basically you do it as follows, line a one word, line b two words, line c three, line d four and line five one. Simple but not as easy as it looks. Using photoshop I simply edited the photo that I wished to use to the correct size and then typed in the poem.

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