Monday, June 30, 2014

Posting my titles on Google Play or what the heck am I doing?

Yeah I found the page to list my links but I am not sure how to market these.  Google play is basically a way for those who read on their phones to access amazing new titles (like mine) to read on their google phones.  So I have doing my best to figure out how to market over here

.To Save Face or Family, a novel on Google Play

So far I have only two of my titles up but I hope to have the rest up by the end of July.  Not the simplest thing to do but the more places people can buy my work the better.  In fact as a shock I found I had two sales over on the Kobo Writers Life page.  I don't get a lot of sales on Kobo and in the past year the majority of them were titles on my D2D or Smashwords books, so it was nice to see.  So if you can go check out my titles on GooglePlay

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