Tuesday, July 30, 2013

writting really is a full time job

Yup I keep forgetting this little blog...what with four over on wordpress and doing my writing I get behind.  So I am just a little too busy right?

I have a lot of new releases to talk about here though.  What with the Writer's Stuff anthology going live I am really happy

The Writers stuff anthology

The story I have in here is one of my Death Walks Through short stories and speaking of those i have another one that I put up for people to enjoy.

Under the Black Bridge This short story is set back home in Nashua...a fun little read.

I'm working hard on the new series, Myths of Love.  I decided that Knight Protector would be the first of those tales

The Knight Protector these are my more romantic fantasy tales.  I have another finished and ready for release next month and I am working on two more as you read this.  One is titled Now and Forever, a sad tale and the other is Singer of the Blood song.  My romances dont always have the happily ever after but there is love and romance and occasionally a bit of sex.

So with everything else i will try to remember to post over here too

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