Sunday, November 25, 2012


This poem was submitted to a father/son/mother/daughter writing contest.  While it didn't win, show or place it did have a nice review or two so I thought why not put it up here?

Small and soft
Pudgy little fingers
Wrapped around a finger
Wrapped around a heart
Grimy little fingers
Longer now
Holding out a flower
A gift and a smile
Grown longer still
Nails tipped in colors
Sparkles and jewels
Soon to be a lady
Fingers strong
Flying over keys
Working hard
Every day
Growing thinner now
Skin not so plump
Scars from living
Easy to see
Age slowly showing
Veins clear now
Knuckles losing flexibility
But still strong
Time passes
Suddenly you see
Your mother's hands
Attached to you
Hands that look old
But filled with character
Reaching back to hold
The fingers of a grandchild

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